At Valleys Link Pharmacy, we offer services to Nursing & Residential Homes meeting current guidelines for handling medicines.

As a responsible healthcare provider, Valleys Link Pharmacy understands the high importance of Safe and Accurate Medicine Administration, whatever the size of the Care Home organisation. It is also understood and recognised the time constraints facing the staff to provide care to their patients; which is why Valleys Link Pharmacy commits to work in close partnership with Care Homes, establishing their individual needs and tailoring a complete support package to help the Care Home staff meet current guidelines for handling medicines. This is all done by providing safe, secure, and efficient systems for administering medicines.

We recognise the unique challenges that care homes are currently facing and we have developed a bespoke care home service with a dedicated care home support team in each pharmacy to ensure we are able to deliver a responsive and first rate service. If you are having issues with your current pharmacy supplier we would welcome a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals and serve the needs of your residents.

Are you a care home looking for a support package?

Give one of our pharmacies a call today and speak to a member of our team who can point you in the right direction.

Expertise and Support

Valleys Link Pharmacy works closely with Care Homes to help them choose a system that works for them, providing advice on every step; from storage and training assistance to support with ethical issues.

Receipt of Medication (monthly cycle):

Medications for the monthly cycle will be available for collection or delivery no later than day 25 of the cycle to allow effective checking in and follow up of any queries. The delivery will be made on an agreed date and time window, and a written schedule will be provided. All medications will be delivered with a duplicate delivery note and any medication requiring special handling, such as fridge lines or Controlled Drugs, will be delivered separately accompanied by an individual delivery note.