Your guide to repeat prescriptions

We offer a streamlined process for ordering your repeat prescription. You may choose the convenience of visiting our pharmacy in person and submitting your repeat medication slip, which contains vital information regarding medication availability and the necessity for a review. This would be the preferred option.

Alternatively, you can opt for telephone assistance by calling our store, where a staff member will guide you through the process, ensuring your requirements are met seamlessly.

When you’re first prescribed a medication, you’ll likely be told a number of things, including how long you need to take it. But what you often aren’t told is how to keep taking that medication when your current supply runs out. For that, you need a repeat prescription, and you need to know how to order one.

Worry not, because Valleys Link Pharmacy is here to help. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about repeat prescriptions, to help put you back in control of your healthcare.

What is a repeat prescription?

If you and your doctor or nurse discuss the need to take a medication (or multiple) on a regular basis, this can be issued to you through a repeat prescription. As prescribed medications need a doctor’s approval, a repeat prescription shows that you can get this medication from the pharmacy without the need for a doctor’s appointment beforehand.

How do I order, collect and reorder a repeat prescription?

Need a hand?

If the information on this page is all a bit too much, then we are more than happy to guide you through the process via phone or speaking to a member of our team.

Private Prescriptions

Valleys Link Pharmacy welcomes the opportunity to fulfill all your private prescription needs. We carry a full stock of specialist medications which are often prescribed on a private prescription.

Unfortunately, counterfeit drugs are widely available, especially on the web. You can be assured that as a licensed and registered Pharmacy we only supply genuine medication obtained from approved suppliers.

Speak to one of our dispensary Pharmacy team or alternatively contact us by telephone or e-mail and ask us to provide you with a quote to supply your prescribed medication. Never purchase drugs from abroad or from unknown sources, and remember, if the price you are quoted on the internet for your private prescription looks too good to be true – it probably is too good to be true.